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Canon EOS 500 N + Canon EF 1,8/50 II

my main camera and lens. classic set, usually with black and white film. prefect for street photos. usually in my backpack, almost always with me. the camera is from middle of 90's, my favourite time in general, so i like it very much ;)
it's my second EOS 500 - first was an american version: "Canon Rebel XS". now it's retired, in Marta's hands ;] suffered because of hard work, frosts, rains, hundreds of kilometers and hours of city walkings.. it's gone a little wild, but still works ;)

Zenit TTL + Helios 44-2 2/58 [manual]

strong, full manual, USSR camera from 70's and 80's [but in poland appeared in late 80's], first Zenit with TTL system. cheap and quite good one with M42 mount. this is my third Zenit - first one was B version, my dad's camera. i found it at winter 2005 - it was my start in photography, photos from first film you can see here. Helios lens is the manual version in which you can smoothly set the value of aperture. unfortunately, i broke my dad's camera after a year. i've bought another one, but it appeared that camera was leaky. then i've bought a next one but TTL this time. and now, i use it from time to time, usually, when i need two film cameras at one time. or, when i teach somebody basics of photography

Lomo Smiena Symbol
fixed lens: T-43 4/40

classical, simple Lomo camera from 70's - ideal for lomography (but i don't really into it..). there's no lightmetter, no rangefinder, no frame preview, parallax. full manual, little dimensions, small weight. usually in use at summer, always with color film. i treating it like a photo-toy and always have a lot of fun taking photos with it.

Lomo Lubitel 166 [medium format]
fixed lens: T-22 4,5/75

my first medium format camera. quite simple construction but no so-very convenient to use. no inside lightmetter - i don't have external one, so, taking photos with this camera is a little like a lomography ;]
thanks a lot for Ela and Mariusz for this camera!

Kiev + Jupiter 8M 2/50

really beautiful, USSR, rangefinder camera. no light metter, quite non-ergonomic but still useable.


Canon EOS 400D + Canon EF-s 3,5-5,6/18-55 IS [kit]

my general digital camera. the first and only one, also my first one from Canon system. i got it in 2007. it's in use everytime when i need photos istantly, there are 'happening in-time' activities to photograph or light conditions are quite bad. for june 2012, over 50 000 photos have been taken by this camera.

JVC Everio GZ-HM 650

cheap HD camcorder with timelapse mode.
no other advantages ;]

other lenses and accessories

Zenitar M 2,8/16 fish-eye [M42 mount]

really good and the cheapest fish-eye lens ever.
usually used with analog cameras, because of frame size.

Tair 11a 2,8/135 [M42 mount]

very good, portrait, lens. nice quality and lovely bokeh (22 aperture leaves!)

Mir-1W 2,8/37 [M42 mount]

wide, manual lens. bought several years ago for Zenit, now sleeping in the drawer ;]

september 2013 - actually the lens is working instead of broken Canon 1.8/50 with M42-EOS converter

Sigma 4-5,6/70-300 APO Macro [Canon EF mount]

cheap, long zoom with 1:2 macro. autofocus is extremelly annoying, but i use this lens quite rarely.
at 300mm, focused at 0,95m and with hood it looks like a really 'long' lens ;]

converter M42 to EOS bagnet

little, smart thing which enables instaling M42 lenses to Canon bodies. version with focus confirming.

filter PL circular HOYA pro 1 digital

nothing to add ;]

Tumax DTP386AFZ-C

cheap replacement for one of Canon Speedlite flash. a lot of functions, but unfortunately, quite bad compatibility with cameras. it's ok when i'm not in a hurry or for use it as a 'slave' flash

this devices aren't so spectacular to need photos ;] Velbon Sherpa 600R

really good, stable and strong tripod. for all applications. quite heavy, but it's normal for good ones ;)
HP Photosmart S20

analog film scanner from 1999 but still working. quality is good enough for non-professional applications. unfortunately without ICE system.