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the spool cable table*

september 2013
zombie survival set

birthday present

toolbox-torch, some toys, chinese welding goggles, sweets and lot of fun mini stuff

current owner - Karolina
may 2013
strings bracelet

material: broken violin, viola and cello strings

current owner - Kaja .
august 2012
fujifilm neopan 400 USB

flash USB drive
capacity: 16 GB
interface: USB 2.0
metal can from fujifilm film

current owner - Kaja .
july 2012
garden party lighting

temporary, no rainproof, lighting for garden parties

luminaries - paper laterns
light sources - traditional and color light bulbs
[15 - 60 W, E27; total power: 190 W; 230V AC]

own garden
april/may 2012
light bulb hourglass

hourglass from 2 light bulbs with lighting

fulfillment: salt
mesured time: about 3 minutes
lighting: 1 x LED, cold white; 1 x 1,2 V AAA akku
circuit from broken solar-powered garden lamp

march 2012

jar for sunlight
grabbing light during day, automatically turning on when it becomes dark

lighting and control - 1 x LED, cold white; 1 x 1,2 V AA akku
circuit from solar-powered garden lamp
jar frosting - white spray
LED color change - colored plastic matt cap

current owner - Magdalena M.
winter 2010/2011
the clef

material: big paper clip

current owner - Magdalena M.